Lamborghini Jalpa P3500

1/18 by KK-Scale (KKDC181284)

Lamborghini Jalpa P3500 by KK-Scale
May 1, 2024

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The third Lamborghini Jalpa on a 1/18 scale I added to the collection from KK Scale, there will be a fourth color released next month I've been told, a bright yellow one, but for now, this black, or Nero Tenebre, is the final one after I already reviewed the Bianco Polo Park and the Rosso Siviglia ones, and I have to admit, my personal favorite at this moment is the red-on-tan one, that just screams the Eighties to me.

As I mentioned in my review of the white one, the Lamborghini Jalpa was introduced back in 1981 at the Geneva Motor Show, but the model KK Scale recreated on a 1/18 scale is the 1984 version, with the color-coded engine cover, side panels over the air intakes, roof panel, and the new-style steering wheel.

Power from the 3.5-liter V8 engine derived from the Urraco and Silhouette remained the same during the entire production run from 1981 to 1988 on the Jalpa, 255 hp, only 410 units of this 80s Baby Lambo were built, and probably less than half of those still remain about 40 years later.

There have been several Lamborghini models used in movies and TV shows over the years, specifically the Lamborghini Jalpa was used in Miami Vice in an episode where Phil Collins drives a white one, but if you check out the license plate on this black one from KK Scale you'll notice it is a US plate from Pennsylvania that shows 'SOTHPAW' ... which happens to be the vanity plate on the black Lamborghini Jalpa driven by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV, so KK Scale is trying to pass this model off as a movie car, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a 1/18 figure of Rocky Balboa from them shortly, they did the same with the Miami Vice cast and James Bond when they released the two Ferrari and the Lotus Esprit models.

Lamborghini Jalpa P3500 by KK-Scale

But in this case, KK Scale messed up the details, the movie car was a US-Spec Lamborghini Jalpa, with the mandatory side marker lights for that market, and more importantly, the car driven by Stallone had a black interior, but don't get me wrong, this black-on-tan Lamborghini Jalpa looks amazing, but it's not a replica of the movie car, and on the official website from KK-Scale they don't mention Rocky IV, so I guess it's more something the resellers tacked-on because of the license plate.

One more detail KK Scale got wrong is their designation for this model, they list it as the 1982 Lamborghini Jalpa 3500, and that's just wrong, back in 1982 the Lamborghini Jalpa would come with a different steering wheel, a black engine cover, and side panels, a black roof panel, and more importantly, the Urraco/Silhouette tail lights, these round lights were introduced on the 1984 model.

But all things considered, and the fact I'm not really into movie cars anyway, I absolutely love this black Lamborghini Jalpa, finally I have a 1/18 scale model of this V8 open-top Raging Bull, and KK Scale even made an effort to go for a removable roof panel, so you can have it 'topless' on the shelve, and admire the interior better, and while the interior might not be too special, remember, on the real car is wasn't too intricate either ... this model mimics that very nicely.

Whichever shade you prefer, I believe a 1/18 scale Lamborghini Jalpa model is a must-have in any supercar collection, it is the counterpart for the legendary Lamborghini Countach from the Eighties, when Sant'Agata had three models in their lineup, together with the LM002.

Originally released in April 2024.


Exterior 8/10
Interior 7/10
Engine Not visible
Accuracy 7/10
Overall rating 7/10

Original price on April 26, 2024 : € 79

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