Lamborghini Jalpa P3500

1/18 by KK-Scale (kkdc181282)

Lamborghini Jalpa P3500 by KK-Scale
April 29, 2024

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The Lamborghini Jalpa was unveiled at the 1981 Geneva Motor Show as a second model next to the legendary Countach, at that time the LP400S, but from 1982 on as the Countach LP500S, the Jalpa came with an official designation of P3500, sometimes also referred to as P350 because it was an evolution of the Urraco P300 coupe that evolved into the Silhouette with a removable roof panel, similar to the Jalpa style.

Between 1981 and 1988 a total of 410 units of the Lamborghini Jalpa V8 were built, the 3.5-liter engine (hence the P350 or P3500 name) delivered 255 hp at that time, good for a top speed of 234 km/h or 145 mph, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) would take the 'Baby Lambo' 6 seconds, back in the Eighties the MSRP on the Lamborghini Jalpa was US$ 58,000.

The Lamborghini Jalpa was a new attempt to create a more entry-level model next to the V12 flagship, note that from 1986 on, Lamborghini had a three-model lineup, the Jalpa, the Countach, and the massive LM002 off-road, not bad for such a small company, as production numbers were very low at the end of the Eighties, nothing compared to 2023.

There were however a few 'evolutions' of the Lamborghini Jalpa over the 7-year production run, the first models came with black bumpers at the front and rear, a black engine cover, and black air intakes alongside the engine cover, and similar to the Silhouette, the roof panel was also finished in black, but more importantly, these early Jalpa retained the Urraco/Silhouette taillights.

At the 1984 Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini showed an update on the Jalpa, now boasting brand new taillights with dual round lenses, and the engine cover, complete with the side air intakes and the roof panel were now color-coded to the rest of the car, while the steering wheel was also replaced with a more modern version.

Towards the end of Jalpa production, there were color-coded bumpers added into the mix, but also several units came with the now highly sought-after Silhouette/Bravo wheels, and while these were only 15-inch wheels instead of the newer 16-inch wheels, they looked amazing, and while these looked like the ones used on the early Countach LP400S, the sizes were different, at the front you got 8x15 inch with 195/50 VR15 Pirelli P7 while the rear ones were 11x15 inch with 285/40 VR15 tires, the Countach came with 8.5x15 and 12x15 wheels with 205/50 VR15 and 345/35 VR15 P7 respectively.

The scale model

Lamborghini Jalpa P3500 by KK-Scale

I had been waiting for a 1/18 scale model of the Lamborghini Jalpa for many years, and all of a sudden I saw KK Scale releasing four different shades on this Baby Lambo, there was no doubt in my mind about the fact of adding these to the collection, this white one being the first to arrive, and while these are sealed models, with the removable roof panel, you can see the interior of this model very nicely.

Now, I would have preferred it if KK Scale had put a white interior inside this Bianco Polo Park Jalpa, back in the Eighties that was a very popular choice, both on the Countach and on the Jalpa, white-on-white, instead, we got a rather boring, all-black interior, but other than that, it is rather well detailed, the new steering wheel is used, but KK Scale didn't put the embossed Raging Bull crest on it unfortunately.

Other than that little detail, the dials and switches are all there, nicely detailed, and don't forget this was still a manual gearbox model back in those days, with an open gate shift pattern, which KK Scale didn't get either, the pattern is there, but it's a sealed gate sadly.

But I still love this model, the original price was €79, but you can find it cheaper normally, and for that kind of money, I couldn't be happier with this 1/18 scale Lamborghini Jalpa, finally, the V8 open-top Bull to go side by side with the Countach and the LM002, a perfect addition to the collection.

Just a little side note, which pertains specifically to this white version, on the other three shades KK Scale went with the color-coded engine cover and side intakes, but for some strange reason this white one comes with the cover and intakes in black ... now that did exist in real life, but in that case the roof panel was also black, and KK Scale delivers a white panel on this model, so that's a little mistake if you ask me.

Originally released in April 2024.


Exterior 8/10
Interior 7/10
Engine Not visible
Accuracy 5/10
Overall rating 7/10

Original price on April 26, 2024 : € 79

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