Lamborghini Tractor DL 30C

1/43 by Universal Hobbies

Lamborghini Tractor DL 30C by Universal Hobbies
February 2, 2017

Listed under Lamborghini Tractor DL 30C | Color : Yellow
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The tractor business, which Ferruccio Lamborghini started in an old barn, went extremely well, and soon he was able to move into bigger premises in 1949, he had a completely new factory built in Cento and founded Lamborghini Trattori SpA. At that time they built just one tractor each day with a rather small group of employees, but things only got better, and by 1958 Lamborghini Trattori SpA built 1500 tractors a year.

The yellow DL 30C tractor seen here was originally built in 1957 and used Caterpillar tracks instead of wheels and tires, crawlers like this have been a part of the history of Lamborghini Trattori for year, and today you can still buy a Lamborghini tractor on tracks for their ease of use and unique comfort, this makes Lamborghini crawlers the ideal machines for tackling all types of terrain, highly efficient and designed with a low centre of gravity for complete safety even on steep gradients.

Crawlers like this don't use a steering wheel to turn but sticks to make turning left or right easier by changing the speed of either track, this small, 1/43 scale model from Universal Hobbies has replicated those controls very nicely.

The delicate design of the rollers for the Caterpillar tracks have been done very nicely on this scale model, and all the Lamborghini scripting is present too.

All in all this small tractor is a very nice addition to my Lamborghini collection, and for the price these are listed it sure deserves a place ... best of all, I received mine as a gift.


Overall rating 8/10

Original price : € 20

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