Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

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Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV by AUTOart
November 24, 2011

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A long time ago I managed to get hold of the amazing looking MR made 1/18 scale model of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce in glossy white ... only a handful were made in this shade, MR made more of the mat white version I was told, so glossy white is rare.

Last week I received the stunning Bianco Canopus version made by AutoArt of the same car, so a side by side shoot comparing both models was suggested to me, and I actually liked the idea ... wanted to wait to put the China Edition side by side ... but these white ones are a nice set too, so I spent some time getting the shots and post processing them.

So here goes : in all these shots I left the doors open on the AutoArt model, as the MR is a sealed model this allows you to recognize them at once :

thumbnail An overview shot showing both models completely, both shades of white are comparable, note the AUTOart one is mat while the MR is a glossy white, also the AutoArt version uses the optional painted brake calipers, other than that the overall design and look of both models is very close to each other, scale and details are nearly identical, but there are some serious differences ...

thumbnailFront to front ... both the AutoArt and the MR have a similar stance, neither one is lower or higher, however if you look closely to this shot you'll notice the Raging Bull logo is larger on the MR model, while AutoArt is no longer using their old, blue emblem but a correct gold over black version ... looking at the real car I would say the scale on the AutoArt version is the correct one.

thumbnailThis nose to nose clearly shows the identical height of both cars, but this shot also shows the difference in wheels between the AutoArt and the MR model ... and honestly I like the AutoArt wheels and tires better, the spokes look a bit thinner, and the tire doesn't have as high sides as on the MR version ... and I just love how that yellow caliper stands out, but that's personal taste. On the other hand, the side turn signal indicator looks much better on the MR version where it actually looks like a piece of glass, on the AutoArt version it is obvious just a silver painted part of the mold.

thumbnailBack to back, and again I like the wheels/tires on the AutoArt better, it looks like the MR stands a fraction taller than the AutoArt but that's a very tiny difference not even worth taking into account. What is actually very important is the fact the MR uses mat carbon for the rear section and high downforce wing (which was an option on the real car) while AutoArt uses a magnificent looking, but glossy carbon fiber ... the real car has satin mat carbon on these parts, so MR takes first place here.

thumbnailA three quarter rear view of both cars, we've already covered the wheels and the carbon fiber, so I'm not going into that again, but look at the lower air outlet in front of the rear wheel, there is a silver grille on the MR while the AutoArt just uses a dark grille ... both nicely detailed, but the MR seems to look more like the real car. On the other hand I like the air outlets on the AutoArt better, you can clearly see the fans behind them ... I don't like the 'LP670-4 SV' plate at the rear on the AutoArt ... so I would call this a tie.

thumbnailThis more high angle look at the rear of both models shows a clear difference in the exhaust, the real car actually has an exhaust like the AutoArt model, a kind of steel blue shade outer section and two, round sections inside another oval section inside, so here AutoArt takes the win hands down. There is also a small difference in taillights ... and here I would say MR looks more like the real deal, but it is a very close call, and probably more a personal feeling than a totally objective opinion ... remember I paid about three times the price of the AutoArt for the Mr model ...

thumbnailA closer look at the taillights, and again they look very, very close to each other, but I recognize those three wing led lights a bit better on the MR model, but I like the hexagon grilles on the AutoArt better ... so let's again call it a tie. One thing I did notice on the AutoArt model ... Bianco Canopus should be a mat metallic white shade ... there are no metallic flakes on the AutoArt model, so it is just a plain mat white ... should be metallic !

thumbnailSome more details can be seen in this shot, but I purposely made this shot to show the difference in the SV decal, if you look closely you'll notice AutoArt has it less slanted and a bit more forward mounted compared to the MR version ... and again AutoArt is more correct when I compare this with shots on the large SV decal in the official, factory VIP brochure on the Super Veloce.

thumbnailThis angle shows two more issues with the AutoArt model, take a closer look at the exterior rear view mirrors ... on the AutoArt these are mat black while MR made them glossy black ... the latter is the correct shade by the way, these mirrors should be glossy black. But more importantly (and this can also be seen on the first two shots of this review) ... the upper section of the side air intake under the door is painted mat black on the AutoArt ... this is incorrect ! It should be color coded with the rest of the bodywork, just like on the MR model.

I did hear this would be corrected on the AutoArt production from now one, and I also noticed the orange metallic version of the Super Veloce by AutoArt features glossy mirror housing ... so they are listening to us collectors and try to get it straight ... you must give credit to AutoArt for doing this !

Bottom line : I love my MR model, and most of the time it is the most correct scaled down version of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce, but with the added bonus of opening doors and hoods the AutoArt that is now available is a much better choice for a regular collector I must admit.

If you want to buy an MR Super Veloce these days you'll have to pay a lot of money for it, probably at least three times the amount required to obtain the AutoArt model ... so is the MR still worth this kind of money now that AutoArt made such a great model too ?

For me ... yes, the MR will remain a limited edition model, with a numbered certificate and more importantly ... I have been able to admire the white MR version for nearly two years now, the AutoArt model only came in last week, so I still love my MR model, but I also love the AutoArt version ... which stands proudly next to it in my display case.

So if you would be looking to add a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce to your collection at this moment I would advice to get an AutoArt version, it isn't cheap, but the sealed MR model is at least three times as expensive, if not more ... but the latter will keep climbing in value for collectors out there like me who just have to get at least one MR Lamborghini of each model ... call me crazy, but that's just the type of Lamborghini collector I am. As a side note I also own the MR made Aventador model, but also the Bburago model and the Mondo Motors one ... and when AutoArt brings out their Aventador I'm getting it too.


Overall rating 8/10

Original price : € 105

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