Lamborghini Diablo 2wd

1/18 by Bburago

Lamborghini Diablo 2wd by Bburago
February 25, 2009

Listed under Lamborghini Diablo 2wd | Color : White
Section 1/18 | Bburago | collector | 6350 viewings

The Lamborghini Diablo from the early Nineties became a very popular model as it succeeded the by now classic Countach.

At first it was only available in rear wheel drive version, the VT version would follow a few years later.

These early models could be easily recognized by the rather large dashboard pod, which did actually hinder the sight through the windshield, on subsequent models it would be smaller.

This very special white finished Bburago model is actually a one of a kind model created by a model maker in the Netherlands, the 1/18 model came in it's original box when I bought it in October 1994.


Overall rating 8/10

Original price : € 45

Lamborghini Diablo 2wd

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