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January 3, 2018

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“The amazing looking 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach 1/18 scale model by AUTOart finished in the classic Rosso Siviglia over Nero”

The LamboDieCast review :

Back in 1988, the Automobili Lamborghini SpA factory celebrated her 25th anniversary, and the intended to commemorate this occasion with a brand new model to succeed the by then aging Countach ... but what would become the Diablo wasn't ready (it would take until 1990 to be unveiled), so it was time for the definitive evolution of the Countach, based on the Quattrovalvole to avoid a new homologation, none other than Horacio Pagani designed the 25th Anniversary.

The chassis remained, the engine remained, and those trademark doors remained ... but other than that, just about everything was updated, initially intended to be a limited edition model, the Countach 25th Anniversary became the best selling Countach ever with 667 units sold in only two years of production.

The front spoiler/bumper was redesigned, now with extra cooling vents for the front brakes, and sills were mounted with cooling streaks for the rear brakes like we already saw on the late 1988 QV models. In addition, the scoops on the rear were redesigned, more incorporated into the shoulder, but still effective enough to keep the V12 engine cool, which also received a new hood by the way. Most of these new panels and the front lid were now made of composite materials as used on the Evoluzione prototype while a rear bumper was fitted to avoid installing those ugly black bumper pads for the US market.

The interior was also redone, the seats became wider and now offered electrical adjustments of both the seat and the back, and the design of the door panels was modified. The side windows were now electrically powered and the air-conditioning was again made a standard issue. An interesting option was the possibility to mount sports seats, even thinner than the original seats, gaining much-needed room for both the driver and passenger.

The scale model

Until recently there was only one option if you would like to add a 1/18 scale Countach 25th Anniversary ... the silver metallic Ricko made one, and as the production of this model has been long halted, these models have become rare ... hence expensive. But now there is another option, AUTOart released a stunning scale model of this celebration Countach, and in four different shades no less.

I was in doubt for a long time deciding which shade to get, AUTOart offers a white over black one, a black over tan one, a red over black one and the famous silver metallic over grey interior ... the latter being the exact combination for the last Countach 25th Anniversary ever built, and currently still owned by the factory.

My first choice would be this silver metallic one ... but I already own the Ricko made one, and despite being several years old, it is a very nice model ... so which of the other three shades then? I really like the black over tan one, but in the end, I decided to get red. Also, note AUTOart fitted the optional rear wing to all shades but the silver metallic one ... and if the red one would have had a tan interior and no rear wing it would have been my first choice because she featured exactly like that on the official 1988 factory brochure for the Countach 25th Anniversary.

The Countach 25th Anniversary received bespoke OZ wheels in 15 inches, and they look amazing in 1/18 scale on this model, even the Pirelli script is nicely replicated on the sidewalls, while the special P-Zero thread is also nicely scaled down, naturally, this AUTOart model has turning front wheels connected to the steering wheel inside.

The interior inside this AUTOart Countach is black, so it's rather dark, but still the gear shift lever and special seats are perfectly recreated, and this model also comes with seatbelts, on the door sill the special 25th Anniversary crest is replicated while the dashboard dials look like they could come to life every second now ... this interior shows some great attention to detail from AUTOart.

On the outside of this AUTOart Countach 25th Anniversary we find a lot of open intakes with the original grilles behind them, just like on the real car, even the headlight pop-up on this model, just like back in the late 80's, to show a pair of giant, round lights on each side ... that's some real nostalgia ...

I did find one small detail I didn't like on the exterior of this 1/18 scale model ... on the rear fascia the Countach 25th Anniversary received a very nice crest on the left and a Raging Bull logo on the right, but instead of using some metal cut out AUTOart went for a gold look alike, flat transfer ... that's one detail they could have done better if you ask.

Bottom line

This is one of those must-have models in your collection, the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary is a milestone model in the history of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, and this AUTOart model is the best possible 1/18 scale model you can find, all you have to do is decide which shade to add.

Note that this model is an EU specs Countach, for the United States and some other markets the Countach 25th Anniversary would receive fuel injection instead of Weber carburettors, this would also require a different engine cover and most likely a bigger front bumper.


Comparing the Countach LP400, LP500S and 25h AnniversaryThe Lamborghini Countach originally entered production back in 1974 as the LP400 model, already very futuristic, but without those massive wheels or rear wings ... those came in 1978 on the Countach LP400S while an engine increase to 5-liters was introduced in 1982.

Today the original 'narrow body' Countach LP400 has become the most valuable, but you have to admit the S models and later one the QV are much more aggressive with those wide wheels, large wheel arch extensions and big rear wing.

Just look at the different design between the Countach LP400, the LP500S and the 25th Anniversary

The rear wing remained an option at Lamborghini, and in fact it actually lowered the top speed of the Countach because of the added drag, the design of the Countach didn't actually need a rear wing for added downforce ... that famous, often imitated, rear wing was just for show.

Many argue the design of the Countach 25th Anniversary wasn't the best, with the new intakes and softer design it hasn't become the most liked version these days, and with 667 units made it sure isn't as rare as the other ... but still it is a celebration model, a milestone in history, so I'm sure one day this will also be a $1,000,000 Bull.


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