Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4


August 2, 2016

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“These 1/18 Welly models on the Lamborghini Aventador are really very good value for money, so when this Giallo Orion became available I just had to add it to my collection”

The LamboDieCast review :

I for one rather like the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in Giallo Orion, a warm shade of metallic yellow available on the V12 flagship model from Sant'Agata, and as I already had two AutoArt Aventador at first, the presentation shade Arancio Argos and one in Nero Nemesis  (I added a third later on in Grigio Estoque) I just couldn't get myself to spend too much money on getting a yellow one too.

Sure I also owned the Bburago made 1/18 Aventador in yellow, but that's not the same as they got the scale wrong, so when I found out Welly released their 1/18 model in yellow too I just had to order it, remember Welly already had their Arancio Argos version on sale for a while and it was amazing value for money with only a few minor issues.

Now there is also a Giallo Orion version in the Welly lineup ... it already existed in the higher end FX Models edition, but those aren't officially imported into Europe, and when bought from Hong Kong the import taxes here ruin the deal completely ... as I experienced when I bought the white FX Models Aventador in 1/18 scale.

So back to this yellow Aventador from Welly in 1/18 scale, if you read my review about the orange Welly Aventador you can apply most of my comments straight onto this Giallo Orion version too ... the same issues remain ... the paint is applied nice and thick, but still there are a few paint chips here and there around the model, also a few cast lines remain and one or two dust particles got trapped in the paint.

But the Welly Aventador in Giallo Orion still has an amazing shelve presence, don't get me wrong, the overall look and feel of this model is spot on, the stance is right and those black Iperione wheels are great looking over the black calipers that include both the Lamborghini script and the 'Carboceramica' script ... and the latter one sure isn't seen on all 1/18 models out there.

Note that this yellow version from Welly does come with a small decal to show the third brake light on the Aventador, but unlike the FX Models counterpart there is no carpet inside or in the front luggage compartment ... this is the 'low-budget' version of the FX Models so I already knew that.

Sure, all the grilles are closed, there isn't a nicely done metal grille anywhere to be seen on this model, but keep in mind we are talking about a €40 to €50 model, not a €100 model ... so closed grilles could be expected ... they don't bother me that much on this Welly to be honest.

Headlights look good, taillights are nicely detailed and colored and there are even side lights fitted to this 1/18 scale model, the exhaust looks alright as does the engine compartment ... not very detailed but still good enough for this price range if you ask me.

But the interior is where Welly lost a few points when it comes to details and finish ... they want to show a BiColore Sportivo interior with Nero Ade and Giallo Taurus ... a combination of black and yellow ... but the yellow isn't applied that nicely inside the Welly Aventador ... it looks a bit like a rush job, yellow isn't in all the corners it needs to be, and on some spots they should have sprayed a little more paint.

Bottom line

Is the mediocre paint inside the Welly 1/18 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in Giallo Orion a reason not to get this model and instead pay a lot more for the AutoArt version?

For some it might be, yes ... but for me not, I already have three different LP700-4 models from AutoArt, so adding a fourth one just to have a better finished Giallo Orion version isn't a priority for me at this moment ... if I would see one listed for a low enough price I would most likely buy it, but until that happens I'm more than happy to admire my yellow metallic Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 from Welly with the doors shut ... problem solved.


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