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May 29, 2016

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“The 1/18 Gallardo LP600 GT3 2011 by Minichamps in the black Blancpain livery driven by Peter Kox and Marc A. Hayek.”

The LamboDieCast review :

Back in 2011 Reiter Engineering GmbH prepared Lamborghini Gallardo for the race track, their LP600 was their flagship model at that moment, with over 600hp from the V10 engine derived from the 2010 Gallardo LP560-4 model ... I already owned this specific 1/18 Minichamps model in the classic plain white livery version, but this black racing livery version I just couldn't resist adding to my collection.

I have worked with Hans Reiter in the past, I have met Peter Kox and Marc A. Hayek in person and talked to both, so when Minichamps released their nr 24 car from the 2011 ADAC GT Masters series I didn't hesitate.

In real life this Bull was entered into the ADAC GT Masters season for 2011, the ADAC was founded by the German automobile club by the way ... the 2011 season started on April 24 at the Motorsport Arena in Oschersleben to go to the Sachsenring in May, the Circuit Zolder in Belgium in June, back to Germany in July on the famous Nürnburgring. August sent the racers to Austria on the Red Bull Ring while the EuroSpeedway Lausitz was the scene in early September, mid September the ADAC GT Masters came to the TT Circuit in Asssen and the final race of the season was held on the Hockenheimring in Germany ... each location was the scene for two rounds ... so in total 16 races were driven.

The car this model is taken from was entered in all races of the 2011 season ... in the end Peter Kox and Marc A. Hayek managed to secure a 31st place in the overall standing with 14 points, they had to retire twice during the season, for Race 2 in  Oschersleben and Race 1 in Lausitz ... in four races they managed to secure a position that added points to the score, the best position they managed was a 5th place at the Nürnburgring.

Back to this 1/18 scale recreation by Minichamps, note that it is a sealed model, nothing opens, no doors, no engine bay, nothing ... but the front wheels do turn, which is nice to see on a sealed model as usually the wheels are fixed, the rims on this model are center lock OZ racing wheels ... unlike the white plain body version, on this race edition there is a large Michelin decal on the tire.

Both the massive rear wing and the custom engine cover receive a carbon fiber finish from Minichamps, while the door handles also get this lightweight treatment, as does the air scoop on top of the roof, the side windows are made from Plexiglas and only have a small sliding section.

Inside we can see the stripped down interior, one racing seat with Reiter Engineering logo on the side and a full roll over cage in white, the special steering wheel is there, as is the array of buttons on the central console ... while there is no rear view mirror, but an LCD screen to see what is behind.

On the outside this race car is finished in a combination of black and white, complete with the large Blancpain logo on the side and the trademark watch dial on the front hood, note that on the front bumper, where this car shows a Base sponsor decal there will be four additional lights for a 24h race.

So should you add this 1/18 Minichamps Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 to your collection ... I would say yes, there is no other make available, and this is still part of the Lamborghini history, the race cars based on Raging Bull production models, sure there are no actual grills on this model, it is just a print on a plastic sheet, and no, the doors don't open ... but that's just fine when having this model on display.

Only 702 units of this specific nr24 car have been made by Minichamps, so at one time in the future these will not be readily available anymore, and that's when they start to be worth money ... I don't buy these models to make money, I buy them to admire in my collection ... but it is still nice to know they might be worth something in the future ... for the next generation of Lamborghini collectors out there.


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